Yep… You’ve been selected for the 2024 Hot Rod Gathering!

Now all ya gotta do is get paid up and officially registered. You can do that in one of two ways. You can mail in your form and payment using this handy form (click here) or you can just fill out the form below, pay online and you will be on your way. It runs $75 to register your car, yourself, one spectator, and one event shirt.

You can also get ahead of the game and order extra shirts now as well (All Shirts will be delivered in Show Packet).

So, what are ya waiting for?

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Step 1

Register Your Car

Registration is $75 (Includes Entry for you and one spectator & one event shirt)

Simply enter the Year, Make, and Model of your car and select which Shirt you would like.

Then, press the “add to cart” button and move on to step 2.

Shirt Size

Step 2

Add Extra Shirts!

2024’s FEAUTRED Artist: Kieth Weesner

Want to get extra t-shirts before they sell out? Select your size and color then click add to cart. (To add more click continue shopping once redirected)

Adult Shirts $25 S-XL (2XL and 3XL +$2), Kids Shirts $20 S-L

Step 3


Now, all ya gotta do is pay up!

Click on the “View Cart” button to finish up.